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Ben В тексте — Ben: I agree that their albums (Led Zeppelin’s, Cream’s and Jimi Hendrix’s albums) are great achievements with no bad songs on them. — Tchaikovsky and Gershwin are very much different classical composers. What can you say about the language of the writer? Верди был первым композитором, специально занимающимся поиском такого сюжета для либретто, который бы лучше всего отвечал особенностям его композиторского дарования. The Dostoevsky HouseMuseum welcomes visitors from all over the world. It was the final home of the remarkable Russian writer. He completed there his last great novel, The Brothers Karamazov, in 1880. In the museum you can see paintings and many items relating to the life of Dostoevsky.

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Как и в Учебнике 8 класса, в Учебнике 9 класса сохранены рубрики “Grammar in Focus”, “Grammar for Revision”, “Word Building”, “Word Box”, “Group Work” и др. После первого прослушивания учащиеся отвечают на вопрос, делая отметки в таблице. But she thinks that films are more fun and have more pictures. So she is not sure if she likes films or books better. Erast Fandorin books have been published in Italy, France, Japan, the USA, Poland, Estonia, Germany and in other countries.

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h презентацию qо шекспир

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