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Always in the past simple? So you can’t use it in the present? No, it’s a strange verb. We only use it in the past. I think I used to use it in the present too. Oh dear. Remember! We can use ‘like’, ‘love’, ‘hate’ and ‘don’t mind’ to say how we feel about an activity.She loves watching TV.He hates tidying his room.They don’t like going to the dentist. Be careful! Some relatives of (their, theirs, there’s) are arriving soon. (Who, Whose, Who’s) responsible for this catastrophe? Exactly. Used to is always for talking about actions or states in the past that are not true now. Possessive Pronouns: Practice Sheets Sheet #1 Directions: Possessive pronouns show ownership. The first worksheet will cover the basics, with all the possessive pronouns used in simple sentences. Complete with the future will or going to. Единственное число Я собираюсь читать. Ты собираешься читать Он собирается читать. That game is my family’s. Is that Susan and Ted’s house? I want to see Mary’s dress. There is a carpet and the table in the middle of the room. Собирается дождь. № слайда 3 Описание слайда: to be going to + V Plural 1л. We are going to read. 2л. You are going to read. 3л. They are going to read.

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going to презентация

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