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Слайд 82. Если в первой части предложения глагол стоит в отрицательной форме, то вторая часть предложения содержит глагол в утвердительной форме, а подлежащее заменяется на соответствующее местоимение. E. g. My friends aren’t students, are they? MacNeil next interviews Robert Garcia, editor of the Laredo newspaper, which is published daily in both English and Spanish. Different dialects of Spanish are spoken in the U.S. today. As Phillip Carter explains, this is explained partly by the fact that early settlers came from different areas of Spain. ENGLISH TOPICS ENGLISH GRAMMAR ПЛАНИ-КОНСПЕКТИ УРОКІВ READING BUSINESS ENGLISH Mainlink код.

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Spanish-speaking immigrants come from diverse backgrounds and places. Компания «Klein Dytham architecture» по-прежнему организовывает и поддерживает глобальное движение PechaKucha Night и организовывает PechaKucha Night Токио. 3. Почему придумали этот формат? Are there any groupings of words from specific languages (e.g., animal names, plants, words for cooking, etc.)? Are there historical periods where one language was more influential than others in contributing words to English? Choose an issue that affects the Hispanic population in America and that has a language-related component. On the home page there is a link to REPORTS which will lead you to a page filled with statistical data.

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презентация questions

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