Презентация be used to get used to

These essays provide background knowledge for discussion of the video segments. What do such popular perceptions of Chicano English suggest about social attitudes? After sitting out a year, Jones played one more season of college football at Mississippi Vocational College. Past habitsIf you used to do something, you did it for a period of time in the past, but you don’t do it any more. We used to live there when I was a child.I used to walk to school every day when I was a child. Some have one official language; others have more than one; and others, like the U.S. and Australia, have no official language. Instructors will want to establish clear guidelines as to what sort of comments are acceptable and unacceptable as well as a means for ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to be heard. Сперва остановимся на обороте used to.Особенность этой конструкции в том, что по форме ее часто ассоциируют с глаголом use. Crawford and others have suggested that bilingualism is beneficial for the U.S. and that declaring English the official language might jeopardize the language resources that the country needs for various purposes such as diplomacy, art, travel, study, and defense. The activity itself is not very complex and since it is a game, students of any age should enjoy participating.

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презентация be used to get used to

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