Презентация на тему animals for children

Королевская семья В настоящее время британскую королевскую семью возглавляет королева Елизавета. Wolverine For fur trappers, the wolverine is pure hell. A cunning and strong animal, a mix between a bear cub and a dog, it easily avoids all traps and even kills and devours game caught in a trap. About 95 percent of all animals are invertebrates. 3. Отвечая на вопросы учащиеся. Interesting Facts about William the Conqueror Even when he was king of England he spent most of his time in Normandy. Matilda and William would have four sons and five daughters. NATUREBecause of its remote location, New Zealand is rich in unusual wildlife not seen anywhere else in the world. Unlike wolves, which, once they have assuaged their hunger, might abandon the prey and go on a new hunt, the wolverine tears up the carcass, and hides pieces in various places and will not leave the area until it has eaten everything, including the bones. Когда королева родилась 21 апреля 1926 г., на троне был ее дедушка король Георг V, а ее дядя был наследником.

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презентация на тему animals for children

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